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  1. looking for information of Harriett dever Summers in service at Hawarden hall met and married William Thomas Neald Farrier to the hunt at the Hall

    …These are my lovely fathers great- Grandparents he knows very little about them and is 80 this Oct i would love to find out more for him they lived at a lovely house 13, The Esplanade New ferry. and had 7 children 1 of which William Neald was my Dads father who was killed aged 28 on the Courageous Aircraft carrier sunk by German u boat 🙁 2 weeks into the war my Dad was 5 and can’t remember him his mother Josie remarried and my poor Dad had an unhappy childhood after that…hope you can help
    warmest wishes

  2. I lived in Hawarden at 40 the Limes(highway), from jan 1943 (born Jan 31st at Mancot, to 1952. The above view was still there, if I remember correct and the road leading down to Broughton and Chester. My Mum required palliative care and died in Ruthin in 1952 which required us two brothers to be sent to a childrens home in Wrexham.
    Happy days in Hawarden, including the Grammar school in Pen-yr-lag.3

  3. Hi Colin!
    I lived in 44 The Limes and was born in 1948. My sister Sheila was born in 1943 and my brother Nicholas in 1953.
    I vaguely remember your family . I would have been 4 when you left. I remember my mother saying that your Mum was sick. It must have been awful for you. I am glad you have happy memories of Hawarden though.
    Which school did you attend in Wrexham? Was it Grove Park?
    Do you remember the Bailey family who lived next door.? Both Keith and Ian are dead and the house is occupied by David Noble, who was Mrs Bailey’s lodger. Number 46 is empty most of the time, as it is owned by Martin Bailey’s family who reside in the USA. Number 36 is about to be sold . Mrs Bessie Hird , who used to live there, died a couple of years ago. She would have been there when you were in Hawarden.
    Number 38 has a new family whom I do not know. The former resident was Mrs Mabel Catherall, who had two sons, John and David. John is about 2 years older than me and David a couple of years younger. Both are still living.
    Your old house is now occupied by a lovely lady called Jean Yang. Before that, it was tenanted by the Benbows. He was the green keeper at the golf club and they owned the house.
    Before that, it had fallen into disrepair. An old lady called Miss Jones lived there with a lodger called Mrs Bottomley?
    Miss Jones had dementia when I was a child and she must have gone into a home. Was she related to your family?

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